Thursday, October 15, 2009

Samantha & Adam's Engagement Party - October 10, 2009

A few days ago I photographed an engagement party in New Jersey.  The couple Sam & Adam live in Providence, RI where they are both chefs.  Adam's parents Susan & David hosted in their backyard.  They had enough good food to feed an army.  I was fortunate to have a slice of Samantha's chocolate cake with raspberries (pictured below).  It was the best cake I've every tasted!   If you're ever in Rhode Island I highly recommend you go to the restaurant where she is the the pastry chef:

Here are some of my photos taken at the Engagement party.
This is the DVD cover:


Having fun with little sister Morgan....

This was photographed throught the plastic tent protector for a dreamlike effect.
This should be called "Samantha's best chocolate cake on the planet"...

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  1. The presentation of the cake is done well. The cake itself looks delicious! I like the photograph that you chose for the DVD cover. It appears earthy and full of life. The B&W photograph (photo #5 from top) is my favorite. It portrays the joy of the day.