Monday, January 11, 2010

My Beginning Of The Year Photos, 2010

1. This year started with me celebrating the new year with my old friend of over 30 years, Magnum Photographer Extradordinaire & Olympus Visionary , Eli Reed. He is now in Nigeria working on a video.  In the image below Eli is in my living room with my dog pal Bob. 

2. First Snow Fall 2010 in Riverside Park.

3. This week I had a productive meeting with Life Coach Tracey Steinberg: 

We will be collaborating on an interesting project. She will give women tips on dating and finding Mr. Right and I will be taking their portraits for online dating

4. Yesterday I went to Michael's Art Store on Columbus Avenue to have a restored photo (I hand-colored with pastels) framed.  The first frame my client picked up was perfect.  We really got lucky to have the very talented artist and framer Rachel Katzenellenbogen pick the perfect mattes to go along with the frame.

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  1. Andy, I love the dog on the couch! You can tell he (or she) is used to being photographed; he looks so over it! I'm sure he's thinking "Yeah, ok, you can photograph me."

    Your work is incredible. I'm especially drawn to the pictures you posted on January 2nd. Stunning.

    And thank you for mentioning my little blog.